Groundbreaking AI technology, developed to boost productivity in manufacturing

Senzoro is a one-stop shop system. A team of data scientist and mechanical engineers provides Industry 4.0 solutions which work.

Let’s face the truth: Technology will change the way factories work. You bring the will to change, Senzoro brings the technology which works. That’s the deal we offer!

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WE TAKE CARE OF Sensors and DATA Science

Senzoro is a full stack company, which also takes care of data acquisition at your site. We bring sensors, data science and our easy to use dashboard. Senzoro takes full responsibility that all parts work properly.

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AI Supports your Decisions

Senzoro’s AI has been trained with the biggest ultrasound database in the world. The combination of our vast industrial database with groundbreaking AI technologies allow us to transfer knowledge from other factories.
This will help to speed up the transformation of your site.


First Results in ONLY ONE DAY

Don’t worry about setup of Senzoro. A working prototype can be implemented in your factory within just one day.

We offer free trials, get in touch with us to receive more information.


Machines tracked


Thermal images of cabinets


Industrial ultrasound samples

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