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We are Senzoro and we have have developed completely new approaches for analysing manufacturing machines in factories and production lines. Our innovative technology combines recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and smartphone hardware.  

Our technology can be used in the two fields of Machine Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (or AI powered maintenance as we call it).

Through our integrated approach we are able to deduct in-depth analysis of what is going on in your factory, fast and reliably, without interrupting your daily business.



Putting a smartphone on top of a machine just takes seconds. This is why Senzoro only needs a few hours to create an overview of up and downtimes for an entire factory.


We use regular smartphones off the shelve. Thus, the hardware we use complies with all relevant hard- and software regulations to ensure, no interference with production equipment takes place.


Our approach works wirelessly and production can continue without interruption during the set-up process.


Senzoro processes all sensor data on the smartphone itself thanks to inbuilt processing power. No critical sensor data ever leaves the smartphone; only the machine status (on/off) is sent to the cloud.