AI powered maintenance

Predictive maintenance is one building block of our AI powered maintenance approach which has two goals:

  1. Reduce your costs and

  2. Reduce “firefights” and increase stability



“Preventive maintenance” - the premature change of spare parts, - has contributed substantially to stabilizing manufacturing processes all around the world in the last decades and is still the dominating maintenance strategy in most industries.

“Predictive maintenance” is the logical next step in reducing costs of maintenance, as an accurate prediction of when a part will not operate properly anymore will allow those parts to be used for a longer time than it was the case with “preventive maintenance”.

But predictive maintenance is not the ultimate goal, it is a means to an end! Yes, technological advancements of recent years - like high performance sensors, AI and machine learning - have opened possibilities to predict their remaining life time of parts closer than ever before, but to predict the exact point in time is still illusory and a “myth” (but often promised by other companies anyway). With Senzoro you will get realistic and reliable estimations of the health status of parts and based upon that, the maintenance department can make a decision (e.g. plan change, run to failure) based on the priority of the machine in the value chain. Senzoro combined these technologies in a full proven “End to End” AI POWERED MAINTENANCE solution.

AI powered maintenance is the way to bring your factory into the Industry 4.0 era, but the necessary technology is also very complex and hard to handle. This is why Senzoro leaves nothing to chance and takes care of the entire value chain from the correct “data acquisition”,data science” to “data visualization (platform)”. We also bring the relevant hardware and sensor equipment to take the data in the correct way.

A System built on “HANDS ON” industrial know how

Through our experience we know, that the interfaces between AI contractors and manufacturing companies are often complex, that an overall concept “end to end” does often not exist and the results are often not applicable in industrial use. That is why we choose a different way, building our system with a team of industrial experts.

Our team consists of industrial insiders and data scientists, which have substantial experience in the analysis and management of manufacturing as well as in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions. See more about our experience, gathered in many years in projects all around the world.

A vast database of industrial INSIGHTS

Senzoro has built the biggest database of industrial ultrasound and thermal imaging data combined with characteristics of mechanical parts and electronics. This database holds valuable information about characteristics of a vast amount of failures. So when we arrive at your site, we come with a big set of knowledge. Right on day 1, we can provide you with a rough “health overview” of your mechanical parts. We will then set up the data acquisition process to start our self-learning process which learns to predict ever more accurate the remaining life-time of your assets.

Our database is continuously growing. The longer the system runs on your site, the more precise Senzoro is able to help you in reducing your costs and will also help you to make life easier in maintenance management through massive reduction of “fire fighting”.


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