Case Study: The pump which failed between 4 weeks and 12 months

This year a customer approached us with an issue: “We operate a pump, which stops working at seemingly random times, sometimes after 4 weeks, sometimes it stops after 12 month.”

We conducted the following steps to analyze the situation

  1. Ultrasound sample and Data Analysis to evaluate signs of failure at the current pump

    The ultrasound sample indicated no signs of failure
    (which was due to the fact that the client changed the pump two days ago")

  2. Thermal image and Data Analysis

    The thermal image showed increased temperature on inner bearings and clamp (which is an indicator of misalignment of axis)

  3. Solution: Laser-measured axis alignment

    Due to the results of Senzoro’s Data Analysis we decided to do a precise axis alignment and it turned out that after this adjustment the pump worked well again!

Pump that failed analysis.jpg

After having found and having corrected the impact on the pump we made our way to finding the root cause of the issue in the following way:

  1. Check if pumps and motors are baselined (e.g. concentricity, power consumption)

    As this was not the case, it was hard to tell if delivered pumps were ok. Together with our client, we defined a procedure for quality inspection of incoming pumps.

  2. Check proper storage

    A quick “go&see” session on the spare parts storage revealed, that this was actually not the case. The axis were not turned manually on a monthly basis, which they should have been, because not turning the axis leads to defects on the bottom of the bearing, as the full load of the axle presses on it due to gravitation.

The entire process was done within 90 minutes and pump is now on it’s way to a new lifetime record.