Senzoro disrupts machine performance tracking

Tracking of a machines’ performance used to be done with individually integrated systems, nearly each machine had a different one. This leads to lots of problems, especially in factories, which work with machines of different types, different manufacturers and different ages.

Senzoro is a Startup, which offers a “one-fits-all” solution. No matter what machine, how old it is and who built it, you can now track the performance of it with Senzoro!


How it works

Senzoro uses sensors of smartphones to gather physical emissions of machines (e.g. acceleration data, audio data). Artificial intelligence processes the data and delivers information on a visual dashboard.

What it can do

Senzoro’s AI powered machine tracking does not only allow you to track the machine. The gathered data gets automatically mined by our data analytics software and automatically derives current losses in productivity. Combined with our AI powered maintenance approach, you can also monitor the health of your machine parts, both mechanical and electrical ones, to avoid unplanned downtimes.