AI powered machine tracking

Performance tracking of machines can be done in a variety of ways, most of them used to be either very labour intensive or very complicated. We have developed an AI system which can be implemented within minutes and works for all machine types. Through our integrated approach we are able to deduct in-depth analysis of what is going on in your factory, fast and reliably, without interrupting your daily business

understand your site in real time, Take advantage of data analytics

Production managers are not always on site and cannot have their eyes on every machine simultaneously. Senzoro offers an - easy to install - system, which allows you to track your whole production site from anywhere at anytime.

Senzoro’s comprehensive Data Analytics provide you with valuable information of current losses and possibilities for improvements.

OEE Waterfall

OEE Waterfall



Different machines have different interfaces, old production machines are “black holes” as they have only little or no interface for modern machine monitoring.

This issues are gone with Senzoro! Our system works on any machine, no matter what process, no matter how old it is. Senzoro is THE way to Retrofit old machines and make them Industry 4.0 ready.


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