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Chief Executive Officer

Markus knows the operations of the processing industries inside out. He worked for Daimler AG in various positions before taking on a new challenge at the management consultancy Booz & Company. There he helped numerous companies to increase their productivity in the operations area, although he was never satisfied with the technical solutions available to his customers. This is how the idea for Senzoro came about, which now represents a new and exciting chapter for himself and his team.

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Head of Data Science

Ivan has vast experience in the areas of audioanalysis, algorithms and data engineering. Before joining Senzoro, he was part of the team around the highly praised smartphone compatible device 'Shell by Bellabeat', which is a baby heartbeat monitor app, that was ranked #1 in the US app store. He holds a PhD candidacy since 2016 where he conducts research to improve algorithms for processing ultrasound data.

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Head of Technology

Ivan is a software engineer and system architect with 8+ years of working experience. He is an expert in iOS systems with strong knowledge of web and backend technologies. He worked together with Ivan Vican on the much-lauded device 'Shell by Bellabeat' and was the iOS Lead Engineer for the #1 ranked app (US store).